Rewriting modulo traced comonoid structure
Dan Ghica, George Kaye
FSCD 2023
We adapt the existing work on rewriting string diagrams using hypergraphs in order to apply it to settings with a traced comonoid structure, which happens to be where we model digital circuits.
A compositional theory of digital circuits
Dan Ghica, George Kaye, David Sprunger
Arxiv preprint
We model digital circuits with delay and feedback as morphisms in a symmetric traced monoidal category, formalise their semantics as stream functions with certain properties, and present equational theory for reasoning with them.
Rewriting Graphically With Symmetric Traced Monoidal Categories
George Kaye, with Dan Ghica
Arxiv preprint
We examine a variant of hypergraphs with the aim of creating a sound and complete graphical language for symmetric traced monoidal categories.
A visualiser for linear lambda-terms as rooted 3-valent maps
George Kaye, supervised by Noam Zeilberger
Masters dissertation (2019), University of Birmingham
We detail the development of a set of tools to aid in the research of the topological properties of linear λ-terms when they are represented as 3-valent rooted maps.